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Sober Supportive Housing

Are you feeling financially strapped while working towards sobriety? Keep up your momentum with housing that puts your health and finances first. MHA Sober Supportive Housing is a subsidized housing program that empowers you to get back on your feet. Maintain a paying job while accessing individualized recovery counseling and ...

Community Residences

Do you want to regain your independence but need access to sobriety support that keeps you focused on your goal? Access a safe community residence that supports you in your recovery. Bolger House Are you a recovering male in need of a safe shelter while you transition back into society? ...

Supported Housing

Do you have a severe persistent mental illness you’re trying to live with? Are you homeless (or at risk), struggling with addiction or mental health issues, and needing an affordable and safe place to live? This program offers housing that stays matched to your income. Once your housing needs are ...

The Living Room at Mel’s Place

Mel's Place moved in 2020, it's now located at the PODS at 150 North Hamilton in Poughkeepsie. The program is funded in part by the Dutchess County Government.   If you’re homeless (or at risk), struggle with addiction or mental health issues, and need a place to go during the ...

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