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Programs for Parents

Are you over 18 and suffering from or caring for someone with a psychiatric illness? Do you need help, but you’re not 100% sure what you need—for example in the case of moving or a sudden life upheaval?

Our Adult Advocacy program will get you the guidance, resource information, and support you need. Give us a call and we can link you with advocacy, referrals, or just a plan to help you move forward with dignity!

Do you know a child that’s currently in foster care or at risk of placement? Do you wish you had someone neutral involved to provide an outside perspective with the kid’s best interests at heart? An objective point of view?

When your case is assigned a CASA worker, you get a trained volunteer advocate who works to observe and understand the child’s situation. This person provides Family Court judges with impartial information about the circumstances of the children involved.

Are you caring for someone under 21 with chronic and serious mental health conditions, including functional impairment? Are you struggling to juggle all the different providers, physicians, and support providers?

If you qualify for Medicaid, we can help you get a single Care Manager. This single Care Manager can help you make appointments and coordinate health and community health agencies to keep your child healthy and safe as simply as possible.

Do you suffer from a psychiatric disability and have school-aged children? Do you need help creating a stable life for you and your kids?

In Emerge, you’ll get some one-on-one time to share your story and your challenges. Then, we’ll help you choose a mix of individual and group activities to help you make connections and get the support you need!

Are you parent or caregiver to a child with a social, emotional, or mental health diagnosis? Do you feel isolated and wish you could connect with others who know what you’re going through?

Helping Others through Personal Experience is a peer-led support group that gets you feeling connected and empowered through a network of people who are ready to help.

Are you caring for a child between the ages of 2 and 12 who just won’t listen? Do you wish that you could manage their behaviour better without losing your cool?

This workshop will give you the understanding and skills you need to get through to your kid, help them behave, and resolve family conflict peacefully without yelling and resentment.

Are you currently raising or caring for a teen who won’t listen? Do you wish you could have a less stressful relationship with them and still prepare them for the world?

This workshop will help you get through to your teen, not to mention help them get ready to face the adult world responsibly and independently.

Is someone in your family under 21 and in jail? Do you wish you could connect with other people who understand what you’re going through?

This support group is peer-led and judgment-free, helping you understand and make the most of the difficult situation you’re in. Break the stigma and stop feeling so alone!

Are you a currently going through a stressful separation or divorce? Are you embroiled in a custody dispute, with your child stuck in the middle?

The P.E.A.C.E. program is an interactive class that helps you understand the court system and make sure you keep yourself and your children healthy while you go through this big change.

Have you become so engrossed in your child’s world that you’ve forgotten about your own? Are you ready to start dreaming and living again?

This workshop will teach you how to pursue your own goals while still being a great parent and balancing the demands of life around you. It’s about rediscovery, fun, and honesty!

Are you the parent or caregiver to one or more teens who are constantly challenging your authority? Are you struggling to set boundaries?

This workshop will help you understand the principles of managing difficult behaviour, create agreements with your teen, and overall feel a lot more empowered and a lot less helpless.

Are you a parent or caregiver to a child between 2 and 12 who reacts often with explosive and aggressive outbursts? Does your child seem like he or she only knows one way to react: with anger?

This workshop not only teaches you to solve conflicts with your child peacefully, it helps reduce future outbursts by helping him or her acquire the social and emotional skills required to be comfortable in all domains of life.

Do you have a child in preschool or kindergarten, and want to start off their school career on the best foot possible?

This workshop will introduce you to the skills that children need to thrive in school, so that you can get a head start and make sure they get a great education.

Are you currently raising a teenager? Do you want to be proactive in teaching them the skills they need to thrive, and preparing them to face the coming challenges with grace?

This workshop will help you prepare your teens to live life well. We’ll help you understand common problems, as well as how to effectively lead your teen into young adulthood.


The Teen Challenge Program is for at-risk youth ages 14-18. Some challenges teens may face today include: low self-esteem, lack of social skills, advancement of education, further development of life skills and/or job placement. The program addresses these possible challenges through weekly life skills curriculum meetings; vocational/educational mentoring for jobs and education; and community engagement involving community service projects.

Are you caring for a child that’s between 2 and 12 and consistently doesn’t listen to your requests? Are you sick of repeating the same thing over and over again, when you know your child already knows the routine? Are you a parent, caregiver, or educator to a child with ADHD?

This workshop teaches you what causes defiant behaviour in kids, and the principles of building better behaviour patterns. Share stories and learn best practices to stop tearing your hair and start creating positive change!

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  • Location: Poughkeepsie Grand, Regency Room - 40 Civic Center Plaza
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