Mission & Vision

To make the Hudson Valley a place where anyone can get access to the full spectrum of mental health and addiction services they need, without jumping through unnecessary hoops.

  • Integrity:

    Maintaining confidentiality, promoting safety and trust.

  • Dignity:

    Treating everyone with respect.

  • Excellence:

    Providing compassionate, comprehensive, creative care for all.

  • Core Values

    • Through empathy, compassion, and patience in the way we communicate, we can learn each other’s true needs.
    • We are accepting of all people regardless of their differences in a non-judgmental way.
    • MHAD is a safe-haven. Everyone does their part to ensure that everyone feels welcomed and included.
    • No one is above anyone else. We meet people where they are at. We are humble.
    • Be a visionary. Be proactive, think outside the box, have a passion for change, and the ability to adapt and evolve.
    • Leave every interaction better than you entered it. (for the story: humor, smiling, kindness)
    • Everybody’s voice matters. We value insight regardless of who you are.


Annual Reports

  • 2022 Annual Report

  • 2021 Annual Report

  • 2020 Annual Report

  • 2019 Annual Report

  • 2018 Annual Report

On Guidestar

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MHADC complies with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Activities are routinely monitored to ensure that they are conducted with integrity, and that they support MHADC’s vision and mission. A Corporate Compliance Plan, including a Code of Conduct, has been established for employees and associates. Please contact Lynn Reno, compliance officer, 845-473-2500, ext. 3006, for further information.


The MHA Dutchess Compliance Program is to prevent, detect, or deter fraud, waste, and abuse of funds, while promoting respect for the rights of others. All services are provided within applicable laws and regulations, and each member of the MHA Dutchess community, including employees, contractors, and volunteers are expected to understand their responsibilities and act in accordance to state and federal laws and regulations.

To this end, the compliance program consists of 7 elements: Policies and Procedures, Compliance Officer and Compliance Committee Oversite, Compliance Training, Auditing and Monitoring, Open lines of Communication, Enforcement, and Investigations of Compliance Concerns.

Reporting Compliance Concerns-Prevent Fraud Waste and Abuse of funds: If you suspect wrongdoing, please report it immediately. Anonymous, Confidential and No Retaliatory Reports can be mailed to Lynn Reno, MHA Dutchess Compliance Officer, 253 Mansion St., Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, or call the MHADC Compliance Hotline, 845-473-2500, ext. 1999.

Click here to read and review our complete Compliance Program (updated 7/11/2023)

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