Are you or a family member a veteran in Dutchess County suffering from PTSD, suicidal thoughts, TBI, depression, addiction or other mental health issues? Do you need help and aren’t sure where to turn?

We are committed to helping you set personal recovery goals and then get there, whether it’s by making a plan, developing the skills you need, or just giving you support along the way.


Vet2Vet is funded by the Joseph P. Dwyer Veterans’ Peer Services Project. Services include support groups, social activities, assistance in finding housing and/or employment for homeless veterans, advocacy for benefits, and much more:

  • Emotional support
  • Educational information
  • Referrals to useful services
  • Information around Support Groups, and Social Events
  • Advocacy
  • Short-term care management

Programs for Veterans


MHA’S Housing, Employment, Reintegration and Outreach Program (HERO) is a way for Dutchess County veterans and their families that are either homeless or facing homelessness to have an advocate and a resource in the county they live in. There are funds available for emergency housing, which can be used if necessary to keep our veteran families safe and sleeping with a roof over their heads. To date, HERO. has taken many homeless veterans away from street homelessness to stable housing status and has kept others from becoming homeless. Some of these had families as well. We have helped many to find employment and even assisted with obtaining reliable transportation to help them get back and forth from work and medical appointments. We have also helped them to get their benefit claims back on track and have advised them on how to access their education benefits as well. This initiative is funded by Dutchess County.


The Veterans’ Employment Training & Transitions Assistance Program (VET-TAP) is dedicated to assisting homeless veterans, and those at risk of being homeless, to find new employment opportunities and strengthen their employability. VET-TAP can assist veterans in gaining new certifications and skills, as well as on-the-job training and apprenticeship opportunities. Additionally, VET-TAP can assist in building resumes and cover letters, to help in preparation for job applications. The goal of VET-TAP is to curb veteran homelessness through meaningful employment. VET-TAP, a federally funded program, works hand-in-hand with Vet2Vet’s H.E.R.O. Program for housing assistance.

When disaster strikes, HOPE is there.

Violent conflict. Deadly disease outbreaks. Record-breaking storms. While their origins may vary, the result is the same: the health of millions of families is on the line. We are up against a scale of stress and suffering that cannot be ignored.  We’re building a different world — a global community of health workers who have the skills they need to provide support and guide veterans and their families.

We deploy our trained staff and volunteers to provide critical support and we stay long after the headlines fade to help our local health systems rebuild with you.

“I believe a “no regrets” approach is critical to an organization like ours. There will always be things we don’t know, but when it falls to us to respond, it doesn’t matter: our job is to act first and correct our course as we go, holding always to a do-no-harm approach and the humanitarian principles we were founded on.”

– Rabih Torbay, Project HOPE President and CEO

Project HOPE direct line (845) 320-2102 | Available 24/7.

What is the program like?

The whole program is for veterans, by veterans. Our program leaders are combat veterans themselves, and they have years of experience helping others heal.

First, you’ll meet with a program leader to make a plan. After that, how you move forward will depend on your situation. Generally, you and/or your family will be interacting with other vets and their families.

The goal is to give you the opportunity to get out and enjoy the world. Join us for some healing through simple fun, all in the company of other veterans and their families who are facing similar challenges. Click here for more info.

Our Vet2Vet support groups are a safe place where you can listen, share, and spend time with people who know what you’re going through. Together, we aim to help everyone feel heard and share ways to build a thriving life! Click here for more info.


How do I access it?

Please call Joe at 845-473-2500 ext. 1307 to make an appointment. No referral is necessary. Support is available to all veterans, regardless of era, discharge date, type of discharge or dependency status.


Anthony Kavouras

Director of Veterans Programs

Tyler Mendelson

VET-TAP Program Manager (Team TD)

Alyssa Carrion

HERO Program Manager

Joseph Horesky

Vet2Vet Program Specialist

Devin Auriana

VET-TAP Program Specialist (Team TD)

Victoria Newman

HERO Program Specialist

Biggie (Bigito)

Veteran Program Lead Service Dog

Vader (Good Boy)

VET-TAP Service Dog In Training

Get in Touch

515 Haight Avenue Poughkeepsie, NY 12601


Ext 1307

How Can I Join?

Email [email protected] or Call 845-473-2500 x1307 to make an appointment. No referral is necessary.


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