May is Mental Health Month!  Every year, MHA National puts together a highly anticipated toolkit we are excited to share with you.  This year the theme is Look Around, Look Within.

 As humans, our overall health is significantly impacted by our natural and built environment. The places we live, work, play, and congregate all have a powerful influence on our well-being, and it's important to consider their effects on our mental health.

Linked below are practical resources on how to support your mental health and the health of those in your community.

🧠 What is a mentally healthy and safe space?

🌳 How can I change my surroundings to support my mental health?

🏘️ What if I can’t control or change something unhealthy about my surroundings?

Your surroundings can impact if, how, and when your needs are met, which in turn affects your mental health. However, you can take steps to change your space and protect your well-being.



Having safe, stable, and healthy home conditions set the foundation for achieving and maintaining good mental health.

Stable Housing

Find 31 Ways to Make the World Around You Work for Your Mental Health

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