Breaking the Stigma around Therapy

Do you feel judged when talking to friends or family about how you feel?

Are you in need of a safe space where you can comfortably address your dark thoughts, concerns and the issues you are facing?

Maybe you’ve considered therapy, maybe you haven’t. Maybe the word scares you because it makes you feel lonely or too dependent. 

We get it. 

Therapy has a lot of stigma around it. It’s often communicated as a solution for people who don’t have anyone to talk to, or for people who can’t solve their own problems.

In reality, therapy is one of the best options for anyone in need of someone to talk to, regardless of what you’re going through emotionally. 

Therapy isn’t just for people struggling with their mental health or for people suffering from loss or issues with their life partner. Therapy is an option for anyone who simply needs an outlet and a safe space to identify and implement solutions to any problem that is causing them unhappiness or suffering. 

Imagine having a person you can confidently confide in, who is trained to help you deep dive into your feelings and mental barriers in your way.

Wouldn’t it be such a relief to have someone help you make healthy decisions to move forward and implement solutions?

The benefits of therapy

Let’s start with some of the biggest transformations therapy can assist you with:

  • Helping shift your emotional state
  • Learning to understand your own feelings
  • Accessing tools and resources for finding clarity
  • Identifying what you need to find happiness and fulfillment

Facing problems at home and work can be a huge strain on your mental health. Having a third-party person to talk to will help you alleviate the stress you are building up inside, and remove negativity from your environment. 

Do you feel like something is holding you back from succeeding at work or in your lifestyle?

Talking through these barriers with a professional will help you find opportunities to overcome what you are currently facing and succeed. A therapist will also help you identify your goals and provide you with tools to conquer barriers in the future so you can feel more independent in managing your emotional state.

If you believe you are facing a mental health condition, therapy can also help you identify what you are going through and ensure you are given what you need for treatment. This can often be the best place to start if you are feeling nervous or anxious about what exactly is holding you back or causing you unhappiness.

Therapy can help.

Finding the right therapist

Did you know there is a difference between a psychiatrist, psychologist and therapist?

All three provide therapy at various levels of care but offer specific services based on your needs.

Let’s break it down:

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who are experts in psychopharmacology. They are able to prescribe medication for their one-on-one patients.

Psychologists are doctoral level therapists who provide expertise in psychological testing and research. 

Social Workers and Mental Health Counselors can be accessed for regular therapy sessions to talk through stress and your emotional state. 

Accessing care at MHA Dutchess County

Are you looking for coping techniques and medication management for your mental health condition?

We provide emotional and clinical support, wellness management training, and ongoing rehabilitation resources that support your recovery.

Our Personalized Recovery-Oriented Services (PROs) in Beacon help you refine your life skills and are offered as courses that you can flexibly fit into your unique schedule. Services are offered in a comfortable classroom setting and if you need additional support, psychiatrists, nurses, therapists and social workers are available on site.

Nervous about getting started?

Drop-in for a class and experience PROs for yourself. Call Kristi at 845-473-2500 ext 1213 to learn more or to set up an appointment.

Need help identifying a therapist who will meet your needs in the Hudson Valley?

Contact our Front Door Services at 845-473-2500. You will be assisted in identifying a therapist in your local area and who can accept your Medicaid, or Medicare if needed. 

Are you already seeing a therapist and looking for more group support?

Register for one or our support groups and feel the healing power of community.


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