Accessing Mental Health and Addiction Care

Are you struggling to access mental health care because there are multiple barriers in your way?

Do you feel limited by the resources available in your community?

Here’s some of the common barriers we see in accessing care:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Availability of clinicians
  • Obtaining an appointment
  • The fear of asking for help
  • Not knowing where to access help

Don’t let your mental health condition stop you from living your life to the fullest. At Mental Health America Dutchess County, we eliminate the need to jump through hoops to access mental health and addiction care.

Through our Front Door Services, we guide you through your journey to strengthening your mental health and alleviating the stress of going about it alone. 

Let’s start the process here by breaking down how to push past these major barrier so you can take the first step to accessing the care you need.


If you have insurance coverage, call and inquire about what options are available for seeing a psychiatrist or visiting a mental health clinic. 

If you don’t have insurance coverage, give us a call. Don’t let financial barriers get in the way of your care. There are options available for receiving the medication and treatment you need through resources at MHA.  

Clinician Assistance & Appointments

Many mental health symptoms, including anxiety and depression, can be caused by untreated medical conditions. Visiting your family physician can help identify if any of your pre-existing conditions are causing symptoms you are experiencing. 

Don’t have a family doctor or struggling to get an appointment with a Clinician?

It can often be the case that there is a lack of Clinicians available to actually get you started on your mental health journey. Sometimes Clinicians are not aware of the resources available in your community to help you with treatment. 

Through MHA Dutchess County and MARC, we help you access care and obtain the appointments you need to identify your diagnosis and treatment options available. We can also place you into services and programs that will provide you the help you need, from shelter to support groups.

Stepping Away from Stigma

You are not alone. One in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Acknowledging your needs and accepting that your community is filled with people who want to help and support you, you can achieve strong mental health and conquer addiction.

We are building a strong community that puts our values of respect, compassion and dignity first. Accepting help is the first step to smashing the stigma. Standing up for your health makes our community more inclusive and understanding of various mental health conditions and how to support those who need help.

How to Access Care

Access a full spectrum of mental health and addiction services, and navigate the mental health system in Dutchess County. It all starts with a call to MHA Dutchess County at 845-473-2500.

In need of emergency assistance in accessing care or stabilization?

Call The 24/7 Dutchess County Helpline at 845-485-9700. They can guide you through what the best type of care is available for your symptoms.  

Ready to start your journey to accessing the help you need or helping a loved one get treatment?

Access a wide range of mental health and addiction treatment services through MHA Dutchess County’s Front Door Services.

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