Culture, Community, Connection

Historically, the narrative around #BIPOCMentalHealth has been defined by trauma, disparities, and oppression.

Join Mental Health America of Dutchess County in changing the narrative to one centered on culture, community, and connection.

BIPOC communities have always been at the forefront of social change. When advocating for community spaces and resources, it is important to pay homage to the originating communities that have led the way. Below you can read about the legacy of Bebe Moore Campbell.


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Our lives are deeply intertwined with the environments around us. Who and what we are surrounded by impacts our mental health and overall wellness.

There is power in numbers. When individuals get together to unite under a common goal, they increase their chances of enacting change that could promote overall wellness, a sense of purpose, and connection.


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Having a sense of community creates a sense of support and belonging, which can reduce feelings of isolation.

No one knows a community better than those within the community itself. In order to move toward a more mentally healthy future, community-led action must be prioritized and sustained.

Our hope is the attached worksheets can help individuals get together to unite under a common goal.

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