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MHADC’s annual art show was a fixture at the Heritage Center during the month of May since 2011. May is nationally recognized as “mental health awareness month.” However, 2020 was a different and difficult year for many due to the pandemic, and the art show moved online. 

MHA hosted a show, updated almost monthly Starting in July. Because it is a virtual exhibit, we kept the works up permanently.

To help promote togetherness and a sense of community, we opened the art show to all including clients, staff, and those in the community.  

The exhibit, now in its ninth year, features Dutchess County artists whose art inspiresraises awareness, and promotes the mission of Mental Health America. Each participant is unafraid to break through barriers and to push limits in support of the vision of Mental Health America of Dutchess County. Many of our artists are getting their first opportunity to demonstrate their talent within the community and this has lifted the aspirations of everyone involved.  

MHADC envisions a society in which every individual is treated with dignity and respect and where comprehensive mental health services of the highest quality are available and accessible to all. 

Thank you for supporting the arts and please enjoy the exhibit! 

Note: If you are interested in purchasing any artwork, please contact Joanna at 845-505-3877, or email jlagrande[at]

November 2020

Joanna LaGrande "The Hand of Fate"

Joanna LaGrande "Cosmic Aquanaut"

Joanna LaGrande "Ziggy Stardust"

Anthony Kavouras "Fairy at Rest"

Anthony Kavouras "Little Gargoyle"

Anthony Kavouras "Arnold Posing"

Tamar Levy "Blossom"

Tamar Levy "Circle Candy"

Exhibit Archive

Tamar Levy "Sugar Spin"

Tamar Levy "Gatorade"

Tamar Levy "Gum Drop"

Jason Joy "Wile .E Coyote & Road Runner"

Jason Joy's "Prison Mike"

Jason Joy's "Capt America"

Joanna LaGrande "Pond at Fahnestock"

Joanna LaGrande "Seasons Change"

Joanna LaGrande "Where No Man Has Gone Before"

Anthony Kavouras' "Happy Duck"

Anthony Kavouras' "Cute Small Bird"

Anthony Kavouras' "Bird with Attitude"

Marlene Taylor "A Taste of History"

Marlene Taylor "911 Victim"

Anthony Kavouras "Beautiful & Strong"

Anthony Kavouras "Elegant Lady"

Anthony Kavouras "Puppets Room"

Maureen Gardner's "Running Free"

Maureen Gardner's "Bottles"

Maureen Gardner's "Lighthouse"

Selena Sanchez - "Untitled"

Regina Lucke's "Spring Ahead"

Triptych, 3 x 8"x10"

Regina Lucke's "Spring Ahead"

Triptych, 3 x 8"x10"

Regina Lucke's "Spring Ahead"

Triptych, 3 x 8"x10"

Maureen Gardner "Welcome to the Jungle"

8"x10" stretched canvas

Maureen Gardner "Little Hummer"

8"x10" stretched canvas

Joanna LaGrande "Chaos in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass"

11"x14" stretched canvas

Joanna LaGrande "The Void Meets the Sea"

16"x20" stretched canvas

Joanna LaGrande "Vertebrochondral Shadow"

8"x10" stretched canvas

Jason Joy "Scrooge McDuck"

Digital Art

Jason Joy "Woody & Cricket"

Digital Art

Jason Joy "Hummingbird"

Digital Art

Tamar Levy "Dottie"

Tamar Levy "Green"

Tamar Levy "Herman"

Tamar Levy "T's Fave"

16"x20" stretched canvas

Tamar Levy "Tic Tac Torange"

16"x20" stretched canvas

Tamar Levy "Green Tea"

Anthony Kavouras' "Rooster"


Anthony Kavouras' "Fun in the Paddock with Gabe"


Anthony Kavouras' "Girl Crying"


Jason Joy's "Amazing Spiderman"

Digital Art

Jason Joy's "Chip N Dale"

Digital Art

Jason Joy's "Darkwing Duck"

Digital Art

Tyler Mendelson

In Between the White Space

Trigger Warning for suicide, guns, swearing

Tamar Levy "Untitled"

16"x20" stretched canvas

Tamar Levy "Untitled"

16"x20" stretched canvas

Regina Lucke "Artic"

16"x20" stretched canvas

Regina Lucke "Northern Lights"

16"x20" stretched canvas

Joanna LaGrande "Heart of Darkness"

14"x14" stretched canvas

Joanna LaGrande "The Only Way Out Is Through"

12"x12" stretched canvas

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