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You have the power to break the cycle of homelessness by donating $30 a month to The Living Room at Mel’s Place.

Mel’s Place is a day-shelter and safe space for individuals experiencing homelessness to get back on their feet. It provides access to:

  • A Care Manager who will help find stable housing
  • A phone, computer and mailing address to receive funding subsidies and resources
  • Clean showers and laundry facilities to help our community feel and look their best
  • Employment services
  • And resources for those living with severe mental illness

Your $30 donation to The Living Room at Mel’s Place allows us to continually support those experiencing homelessness. It will help cover the $750 monthly cost needed for programming supplies. It only takes 25 people a month at $30 to help make this transformation happen.

Thank you for helping our homeless population get back on their feet!



Everyone deserves a safe home, a secure job, and the opportunity to overcome life’s challenges. Give a hand up, not a hand out. Donate $30 a month to The Living Room at Mel’s Place.


Prefer to donate once? CLICK HERE TO DONATE ONCE. Even if you can’t currently commit to a monthly donation, please consider giving what you can. All donations are made secure through PayPal, and you do not need a PayPal account to donate.

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Celebrate with us at our 64th Annual Meeting and Appreciation Awards

Event details:

  • $40 (includes lunch)
  • Date: May 17, 2018
  • Time: 11 A.M.
  • Location: Poughkeepsie Grand, Regency Room - 40 Civic Center Plaza
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