MHADC provides a range of services for adults with mental health issues in the Mid-Hudson Valley region. For more, see Parents and Families.

PROS at the Beacon Wellness Center

PROS are comprehensive supports for individuals diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness. Support and recovery programs aim to improve functioning, increase employment, promote education, and reduce the need for inpatient and emergency services. PROS is also a clinic staffed by a psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, and therapists. PROS is based at MHADC’s Wellness Center, 249 Main Street in Beacon. Visit our Contact page for directions. For more information e-mail Kristina Hazleton or phone 845-473-2500, ext. 1213.


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The goal of our program is to integrate support and rehabilitation in a manner that facilitates the individual’s recovery. Goals for individuals in the program are to improve functioning, reduce inpatient utilization and emergency services, reduce contact with the criminal justice system, increase employment, attain higher levels of education and secure housing. We work to make participants’ aspirations a reality and treat every individual with respect.

Community Rehabilitation and Support: Designed to engage and assist individuals in managing their illness and restoring those skills and supports necessary for living successfully in the community.

Ongoing Rehabilitation and Support: Designed to assist individuals in managing their symptoms in the competitive workplace.

Clinical Treatment Services: Participants have the choice to receive their clinical treatment through PROS. Designed to help stabilize, ameliorate and control disabling symptoms. Treatment includes a recovery-focused, disability management approach with medication management, health assessment, clinical counseling, symptom monitoring, and treatment for co-occurring disorders.

Intensive Rehabilitation: Designed to assist an individual to attain a specific goal such as education, housing or employment. May also include Intensive Relapse Prevention to provide targeted intervention, reduce the risk of hospitalization or reduce involvement in the criminal justice system.